Women Shifters!

I’m thankful that God has placed me In a position to be able to minister to women. I laugh now because around 2003 I was not so happy to have the opportunity. I recall the time when the Lord told me to start ministering to women and finally after much protesting I obeyed. Why I protested nobody knows because with me God always wins.

I’ve been thinking about women and the innate power God gave them to change an atmosphere. When I say “change” that could be positive or negative change. Women are shifters by God’s design. Something happens in the spiritual atmosphere when anyone prays but there’s the mantle of intercession that women seem to carry. Like it or not most of the praying in churches across the globe is being done by women.

I’m reminded of praying women like Hannah and Anna the prophetess, those that prayed for impact. Our contemporary culture calls women like Hannah and Anna Prayer Warriors. Unfortunately too many have adopted this title with little or no manifested fruit. It’s not that prayer moves God so much; it’s that prayers build your faith (Jude) and your faith touches God and is a sweet smell to him. Your faith is something God can work with!

So then, why are there so many faithless prayers going forth? Why are there so many prayers that don’t avail much? It’s an understatement to say they don’t avail much when the pray-er leaves their time of prayer down and out, dragging, doubtful and spiritually bankrupt. Women of God what’s happening?