Why I don’t downplay the gifts and talents He gave me.


I believe in working in life and in the Kingdom.

In life I am a photographer and a strategist for small businesses, non profit organizations, authors, bloggers, other photographers and creatives. I had a conversation with a local business owner that gave me something to think about and I wanted to share with you.

I am humbled that the Lord would allow me to do photography and enjoy it. It's relaxing but it's also business. I have put the time in to lay a solid foundation and do continuing education so I can create compelling and beautiful images for my clients.  However, the business owner felt my photography would made make his product look too expensive. This is the first time I've had someone say my photography work was too good for their product, it's something to think about.

He wanted his products to look "humble". His perception of humble didn't mesh with the humble images I create in my home shooting space and kitchen. But I get it, I get his point. He has a client base and he wants them to look at his images and feel like they can afford his products.

We both want the same thing; I want my clients to look at my images and feel like they can afford me as well. But I don't want to bring the quality of my work down. Why would I downplay what God in his grace has allowed me to learn and perfect?  And is that biblical humility?

I want my clients to know it's obtainable even if getting there means they have to stretch themselves in faith.

Shhhh, don't tell anyone but the same people you downplay your gifts and talents to attract are the same people who buy well marketed name brand products, they visit stores and purchase items with professional photography on them. They look at ads and through magazines and none of the excellent images stop them from purchasing what they really want. If it's more than what they can afford, they save or they forgo something to get it. We are inundated with images and honestly I don't know a single person who has said I want this or that but the well photographed picture of it is stopping me from wanting it.

I do know people who look at pictures and say "that looks expensive" they go on to view the price and then make a decision.

Humble means having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance. So that we understand each other modest means unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one's abilities or achievements.

That's where the disconnect happens for many; humility doesn't require me to downplay what the Lord has allowed me to learn and do. It REQUIRES me to use it to show others that the gifts and talents he's deposited into us he wants used for his glory. He has given us power to get wealth (an abundance of possessions including money).

We are not to be puffed up as though we did it by our own bootstraps as the cliche goes but to do our best with our gifts and talents while we continue pointing back to him as our source.

There's a delicate balance here that must be attained so we don't enter into false humility and a self-defeating mindset. Humility doesn't have to be a "grasshopper in our own eyes" mentality when we are a royal nation in Him.