TineyThought: Responsible For The Response

I don't share this to highlight the attack or even the fact that blatant hatred and racism is alive today. I'm a southern girl, born and raised.  Most Northerners think racism is only prevalent  in the South. I think this serves as a good reminder that the deeds of the flesh are everywhere.  Evil workings have no knowledge of geography.

I have been called the N word once in my life to my face and I can appreciate it. I know society says it should make me angry and it does but not a worldly or fleshly anger. It makes me righteously angry.  For me, I'd rather have a racist say or demonstrate that they are such than to be such secretly.  That's another topic altogether and not the reason for this post.....{{{Continue Below the Video--WARNING, the video contains profanity}}}

[youtube url="http://youtu.be/gqdCWpUmP-Y" width="556" hd="1" rel="0"]

People will do and say hurtful things. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks....that is something we need to come to understand. When angry people typically say what's buried deep, deep in the crevices of their beings. Oftentimes, when they calm down they want to take it back. Words released into the atmosphere cannot be taken back. Let us all remember that.

We're not responsible for the actions of other people but we are responsible for our response to their actions. You've heard that before but this news story speaks to what lies in us. Can you stand in the wake of an attack and keep your cool? Do you feel the need to get on someone's level when they are attacking you? If they use profanity towards you, do you hurl it back?

This is a news story but it happens in every day life ...between friends and between family members. There are a lot of things to be gathered from this story and among them is that we are to remember that we are responsible for our own responses to situations. It's a lot easier to remain calm when the flesh and aren't running the show.

Just another Tiney Thought.