ThinkingOutLoud: “What Do You Like?”


I had an interesting conversation yesterday. Actually I had two interesting conversations that are worth giving some thought to. In the first conversation a dear older lady shared with me how she is at a point in her life where going through church motions and church as usual is something she's not interested in; she's been there and done that!  She expressed that as she looks around and sees people seemingly full of joy at going through and doing the same ole same ole she asked the Lord if there was something wrong with her. I can relate to where she is.

Walking with God never gets dull or as the younger generation never loses its shine.
But routine religion does.

It was interesting to hear her say it has gotten to a point where you already know exactly what's going to's like eating the same breakfast at the same time out of the same plate with the same utensils for 50 years and never a change or anything different---never a sprinkle of new seasoning or flavoring.  When I think about that in context of the Lord and how he works miracles and performs signs and wonders how can that be? It does make you wonder; Lord how can it be that we get trapped in this cycle of programs, politics, church-ness, religion and be satisfied with not seeing your power and your glory manifested time after time?

My second conversation of the day included a question directed to me asking what I like about church. When I think of "church" my mind never goes to a building but I understood what the asker was asking. I am the church. You are the church. What some call church is nothing more than believers gathering to practice religion. I don't think religion in and of itself is a bad thing but I do think we have failed to keep IT in perspective and have therefore edged God out .

I was asked what I like and the answer is simple: I like to see God's power at work. Sitting around sipping on lattes and talking about the latest shoe sale , hair style or celebrity happenings doesn't interest me.  Programs where the praise team sings two slow songs and one fast one and the word gets 20 minutes of overview but God's power is quenched tend to produce little or no fruit that shall remain. Sure it feels good to the flesh while you're there in the presence of other that time everything is peachy-creme.

As followers of and believers in The anointed one and his anointing we must get back to that place of transformation and manifestation. That place of seeing lives changed. That place of reaching lost souls. That place of being healed spirit, soul and body. And we cannot rely on programs to do that for us. We must be equipped to develop a  personal and intimate relationship with Jesus that has staying power.

If you're wondering what the picture of the banana has to do with anything the answer is nothing. The bananas are twofold 1) it's about as irrelevant to this post as much of the happenings of today's gatherings are and 2) it represents the things we take for granted. It's's food. Food for us is so plentiful we don't think anything of it. Just like God's word is so plentiful FOR US we don't think anything of it either. It's time to get back to basics and the number one basic is get a relationship that is genuine, sincere, personal and sustainable and seeing God's work alive in us and then shed abroad.

Just  ThinkingOutLoud.....