The Dog That Brings A Bone…

Galations 5:19-26


A young business man reached out to makeup artist in DFW to partner for his new business. In one of my makeup artist groups I saw an artist mention she has a meeting scheduled to have coffee with him and will report back to the makeup community on this "wannabe". Four other artist said they had already met with him and asked to huddle in a private message. I later found out from the young man everyone he meets with signs a confidentiality agreement.
Before reading the makeup artist' post I didn't know the young man but I clicked through to see he is doing great things and has a business model that he is working--a business model makeup artist hate and fuss about often because they feel it undercuts them. Anyone that's not been at it as long as they have and isn't doing it their way is an outsider and a threat to them and the "good ole girl system".

Yes, he asked to meet with me later as well; I simply let him know I am not interested at this time and SINCERELY wished him well with his business. It's really that simple.
I am also a makeup artist but I understand times change and you innovate or prepare to have your business feel the impact of your refusal to grow and evolve. This applies to any business, any ministry or whatever. Jesus doesn't change but methodology sometimes does.
I said that to say this....messy lying snake like behaviour is ugly. Very ugly. Slithering around and hissing, waiting to report back.  Hooking up and connecting with people knowing you've got an wrong motive from the beginning is just ugly. Be careful digging ditches. Be careful reporting back.
Be careful allowing people that report back make deposits in your spirit.

My mother used to say any dog that will bring a bone will also carry a bone. So while you're huddling in private messages with the one who is bringing the bone to you today bear in mind they'll likely be huddling with someone else and taking a bone about you tomorrow.

Be a man or be a woman and do what you do upfront.
Own it.
Have some integrity about yourself.
Let your yeah be yeah and your nay be nay.
If you're not in someone's corner and on their team STOP pretending you are.
Don't be the dog that brings the bone.
Watch your fruit.
 It's really that simple.