The Director

I'm really just thinking out loud here as I reflect back to a client I had last week...a challenging client. Don't get me wrong I loved her and our photo session went well ---in the end. By "in the end" I mean after the talks and me convincing her that if she would just trust me her images would be great.

Did I mention I love photography? It's fun and relaxing and allows the creativity the Lord placed in me to flow. But back to our regularly scheduled program---THE DIRECTOR.

My beautiful client braved many obstacles to travel four hundred miles to have me as her photographer and I appreciate the opportunity. There's no doubt she passed many capable photographers as she traveled within 4 states to come to her session; no doubt.
I did however find it odd that she traveled such a distance only to arrive and began to direct me in the job that I do and in the very functionality that made her desire me as her photographer.

Our time together reminded me so much of US and our journey with God. We get to that point of being blessed and sometimes want to direct God in how to bless us, as though he's not skilled in what he does; as though he has no experience and as though he does not know the end from the beginning.

Sometimes we shout "I know what I like" only for God to say yes, I know what you like too but that's not the best thing for you!

Yes, I'm saying in this situation I knew the end from the beginning. NOT because I'm tantamount to God but because I've been at this long enough to know certain things---I've studied my craft and there are just some photography related things in which I know the end from the beginning.

I know enough as a Stylist, Makeup Artist and Photographer to know when a clients' choice  of outfit(s) will yield unfavorable results (for various reasons) and God knows everything so why do we try to direct him?

It took some convincing to help my wonderful client understand that the very images that drew her to me were the same images I poured myself into creating and that if she just trusted me she would have the same outcome.

Isn't that just like us sometimes...wanting to tell God how to do what he does because we think we know better than he does?

Congratulations to my client  for her book release and magazine feature! She looks beautiful in her images....
if we put away our Director's chair and trust God we'll be beautiful in his image also.