The Black Will

(c) 2009 N.J. Stevenson

You have gathered for the reading of the will, of course this is a sad occasion because your loved one has gone on and you have only begun your process of inner healing——the attorney walks in looks around and gives a half smile to each of you as he states he is glad to see you again but hates it is under such circumstances. Your sister shuffles and repositions her chair to get closer to you, this is hard and little do both of you know it’s about to get even harder.

The attorney doesn’t want to prolong the time and is very familiar with the terms of the will; “let’s get down to business” he says. He reaches in his brief case which is very nice by the way. You wonder if he had it imported –such fine leather but then you come back to yourself as your eye catches a glimpse of the paper. Black Paper. Who ever heard of a black will? You lean forward; actually you step forward without realizing it, “it’s black” you mumble under your breath.

The attorney looks up and immediately his eyes turn toward you as He realizes that you realize it’s a black will. “Frank, this is hardly what we expected” you say and Frank the attorney in charge of the probate of your parents assets and liabilities drops his head. He’s had to do this many times and this time just seems so much harder.

Frank begins by apologizing and stating that he realizes that normally the will would be white but for some reason your parents left a ‘black will’ and that he had personally prayed with them and helped them prepare a white will for the family but that changes were made recently that altered the will.

After the preliminaries, he begins reading. By now you are dazed and can barely focus, your mind is racing and Franks words seem to grow faint and get louder then grow faint and get louder and it seems your legs are turning to liquid so you balance yourself by holding onto your sister’s chair. You realize you have missed some of the reading that is for your brother Kyle but you are focused now as Frank continues to read the list of things left to Kyle on the black will.

“Kyle your dad wanted you to have his high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and depression. He left a bonus of control and manipulation, which he says is leftover from his dad. Frank shuffles some papers as his eyes shift away from Kyle.

“Lauren, here’s a note that was written several years ago and kept in the safe box for this day; he stands and leans forward to give Lauren the note . I’ll read you what’s on the will –uh, Frank looks nervously around the room and drops his eyes to the will—it says you are being left low self esteem, depression, suicidal tendencies, anxiety attacks, fear, tormenting spirits and mental illness. Your father apologizes for molesting you and forcing you to abort the baby and has willed to you a spirit of passivity, tormenting spirits and obesity caused by emotional overeating.” Lauren looks at the envelope which seems to be discolored and stained with red smudges that look like blood droplets, it shakes as her hands tremble and a single tear falls from her right eye.

Frank is shaking and you aren’t even sure he knows it. He’s probated many estates but never has he had to present a black will. Now, it’s your turn and Frank begins to read – You, your parents have left you despair, hopelessness, helplessness, sickness, disease, poverty mentality, fear,depression, emotional illness, panic attacks and …Frank pauses as he leans forward unable to read what’s on the paper… he squints and says “it looks like anger, murder and rage” as he holds the paper up. “Yes, anger, murder and rage” he says. Frank stands to give you an envelope but you do not extend your hand to receive it , he seems to stop in mid air and look into your eyes.

“Frank, thank you for praying with my parents as they drafted the will, I do not know what terms of the will they failed to meet that turned it into a black will but we do not accept what has been left to us. The liabilities can be awarded to the state to dispose of; AS FOR me and my house we are going to serve the Lord. Not only are we going to serve Him but we are going to be FREE INDEED in serving him.

You reach down and grab the envelope from Lauren’s trembling hand and place it on the desk ….. “Lauren will not be enslaved to the things daddy did to her. I know he was a pastor but that does not excuse him. THIS DAY Ideclare and decree Lauren is and shall be FREE from the effects of my father’s sins. She shall walk in forgiveness towards him and be liberated from shame and fear—every tormenting spirit I adjure you in the power of the name and blood of Jesus Christ to GO!

By now Frank is looking at you with a fixed look and color seems to be retuning to his face , his eyes now have light in them and you notice he has stopped shaking…”Oh no, Kyle will not accept daddy’s high blood pressure or diabetes, no sickness come near Kyle. Every generational curse left for Kyle is cast down THIS DAY…me and my house are going to serve the Lord! And Kyle and Lauren are a part of my house. “

“Frank, where do we sign to say we do not accept the liabilities that have been left us from this black will? I know mother and father weren’t trying to leave us these things but they did, and we don’t want them. Not only do we not want them but we are breaking it ALL by the power and authority given us in Jesus Christ for ourselves, our children and our children’s children. Every spirit and every akin spirit—no residue! “

Frank hands you a white form, opens his desk drawer and pulls out a beautiful gold pen, looks at it and hands it to you with a smile—-as you begin writing you notice that the gold pen writes in red…yes in red like drops of blood. Still trembling Lauren rises and signs her name rejecting her painful past-all of it. Then Kyle. Without saying a word you all look at Frank and he looks back revealing a single tear falling from his right eye. You walk out of his office and away from the black will to begin a new season in your lives of being FREE INDEED.

John 8:32 and 8:36