The Words of My Mouth!

The last few days have been difficult for me as I come to the realization that I've grown weary with talking. When I say talking I mean talking in the sense of those in my circles saying "I'm going to do this or I'm going to do that!". I'm in a place now for myself and in a place of expectation where what we've been saying what we are going to do must get done.

Think about it; how long have you been saying you're going to do a certain thing and time after time you look up and it's not done. Sometimes you start it, stop it and then start it again. Most people call it procrastination. I don't have a name for it I just know that the Lord is shifting is to not only begin what he has commissioned us to do but to complete it also ---and to STOP talking about it and put some action behind our words.

Don't misunderstand me, I know we mean well when we are making our goals. I know there is excitement and intent in the air as well and intention is good but it's not going to bring anything to fruition; it's not going to complete anything.

As we look at the things the Lord has blessed our hands to touch let's examine what we can complete. No need for fruitless chatter about what we are going to do...let's just do it!

Just Thinking Out Loud-NJS