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But a Vapour…..
December 9, 2013

I think death has to be one of those awkward moments where you just don’t know what to say for Continue reading

Is God Manifesting Anything
December 9, 2013

I always feel like God is up to something! In fact I know he is, I like how he expressed Continue reading

The Director
November 28, 2013

I'm really just thinking out loud here as I reflect back to a client I had last week...a challenging client. Continue reading

Inpowering Truth: When It’s Our Turn
November 13, 2013

In reading a recent article regarding a pastor who took his own life after Sunday morning service a question comes Continue reading

Part 1: Did You Really Learn It?
October 24, 2013

ThinkingOutLoud: This may seem elementary and of common knowledge but there seems to be a misconception taking hold of the people Continue reading

Big Ole But!
October 1, 2013

I know the title probably got lots of sneers but we’re talking about that big ole But that gets in Continue reading

Can You Handle It?
October 1, 2013

As we have been moving forward with our Empowerment Series God never ceases to bless me. I get blessed seeing Continue reading

He’s God of The Breakout!
October 1, 2013

My new birth experience was in a humble and somewhat traditional Pentecostal church. My Pastor a wonderful man with a Continue reading