Maybe He Was That Way With You….

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So I’ve been thinking, imagine that –me thinking. I hear so much about how God loves us so tenderly and how he deals with us in such a loving and tender way and we all know that he loves us but does he deal with everyone ‘gently’ and oh so sweetly? I mean we all have different personalities, temperaments and characteristics. I’m inclined to believe that the Lord meets us where we are individually so we can make kingdom impact collectively.

It may be a newsflash but not everyone is tender—some people only understand sternness. Am I saying God is sometimes stern, direct and to the point with some of his people? Yes, I am. The Lord does not deal with all of his people the same way, he just doesn’t. Ask any person who has more than one child if they deal with their children the same—they love them the same but no doubt their personalities will be different and they will interact with each child according to their personality and growth level.

I love it when children are tender and obedient but my son wasn’t --because he has a very strong evangelistic call on his life and is assigned to go in the ‘hard’ places he was divinely created to be persistent and not easily moved. And boy was he hard to move! I had to interact with him accordingly. That’s how God is with us, he works with us in a way that we can understand and catch a clue. It may feel tender and on the other hand it may not but God’s not boxed so he is able to move by his spirit in interacting with us. ~njs