Inpowering Truth: When It’s Our Turn

In reading a recent article regarding a pastor who took his own life after Sunday morning service a question comes to my mind that each of us must ask ourselves; "what will I do when it's my turn?"

What will we do when it's our turn to handle the pressures of life whether those pressures are spiritual, physical, mental or emotional? The pressures are going to come but how will we respond to them? How will we answer the question life ask each of us ---"what now?".

As believers in Jesus Christ we know all the right things to say and preach. We know the right language and talk but our time will come when we must put into practice the very thing we've preached to others--OR NOT.

I am reminded of Mark 8:36:
For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

This post is not about some profound deep revelation, it's about the very base things of God; taking care of our own selves in concert with fostering hope for others---not that we must do one and leave the other undone. It is not a part of God's plan for us to leave either undone; ministry to ourselves or ministry to others.

Sometimes I think caring for ourselves gets lost, pushed aside...swept away as being selfish and as a measure of our greatness. The demands of life and ministry sweep over us and as servants we lose ourselves while building up everyone in our circles.....after all that's the 'Christian" thing to do isn't it?

Are we to be selfless to the point of losing our own souls?

When it's our turn, how will we answer life? Will we respond that the pressures are too great and opt out of life by way of suicide, drugs, alcohol etc? Will we respond by seeking the Lord as our place of refuge with all that's within us? Will we activate the very same faith we've encouraged others to have?

Will we tell someone that we are hurting or overwhelmed or suffer in silence? How will we respond? Will we continue to minister or serve over our pain and bleeding heart as a sign of our humility, faith and strength?

What will it profit us to save the whole world and lose our own soul?

Speaking of losing our own soul what does that mean? In simple terms it means to injure our own souls. It means to cast away our own souls and to suffer loss or to do detriment to our own souls. What is the usefulness of a man saving the whole world and doing injury to his own soul? There is no usefulness to it so what will we do when it's our turn?

I can't help thinking there are far too many preaching what is not being practiced. If I preach faith to my fellow man I am preaching faith to myself FIRST--I am first partaker. If I am not first partaker it is a sign that I am doing injury to my own soul. And what does that profit a man?

Just Thinking Out Loud.....
Additional Reading: Matthew 7:21-23