I Wish God Would Make Up His Mind

The Gossip Game © 2008 N.J. Stevenson

Our ability to know when God is speaking to us and the desire to have him speak should be a compelling desire. We know without a doubt that filtering what we hear through our unyielded personality, thought process, emotions, desires does not always produce a “God told me” word that is true to what he originally spoke.

Raise your hand if you haven’t played the gossip game; you know where you get a big group of your friends together and you start by telling one person in the group something and then they have to tell the next person who tells the next person and so on until the last person in the group finally says what was said. And what was said is normally not what was originally said. By the way if you are sitting there with your hand raised you can put it down now because even if you haven’t played the gossip game you’ve most likely had a similar experience when ‘hearing’ from God. God speaks to you and by the time you relay his spoken word through your personality, emotions, intellect, common sense, logic, desires, thought process, other people’s input and commentaries etc it is not what God said. Sometimes it is not even remotely what he said and this causes us to be “double minded” (James 1:5-8).

Many believers are on a spiritual rollercoaster ride because they say they are hearing something different and contradictory from God on a regular basis and honestly I wish God would make up his mind! I know he inspired the Apostle Paul to write that he is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthian. 14:33) but he has created quite the dilemma and a lot of confusion with his sudden mind changes from one day to the next.

Or maybe it’s us, the believers that are having these miniature extreme makeovers where all of a sudden how we are to do it and what we are called, chosen, ordained and destined to do changes. Maybe we just don’t like what he told us the first time so we “hear’ him saying something different. Could it be this is one of the reasons there is increased instability in the Body of Christ?

The impact of being double minded and wavering between the extremes of “God told me this and God told me that” is that you get nothing, absolutely nothing! (James 1:7). Riding the rollercoaster of doubt and unbelief is self-inflicted delay of getting what God has for you. The Lord speaks to us in a clear discernable voice and his people hear it (John 10:27); a sincere desire for truth will help us to hear the voice of the Lord (John 18:37, Revelation. 3:20). If it is God that has the church, the Body of Christ in this state of wavering instability I wish he’d make up his mind.

I am inclined to think and know that it’s not God that has brought this confusion, but it is the entertainment of all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life that is not of the Father. In many cases this is the point of access for the wavering, double-minded instability that we see in the Body of Christ today (1 John 2:16, James 1:14). God has a greater plan for us! As we seek him from sincere hearts we are to know that we may not always like what we hear or are asked to do but a heart that is set to obey him at all cost will open the portal to greater clarity in hearing. Not that the enemy will not speak also but his sheep hear his voice and a stranger they won’t follow.

He speaks with clarity and we can hear with clarity when we stop playing the gossip game. Listen and hear what the spirit is speaking to you, about you and on your behalf! Yielding yourself, all of you (spirit, soul and body) to the will of the Father will bridge what you hear with what you speak. Remember to keep it real! God has made up his mind, have you?