Even Soap Won’t Clean That!

I was reading a Facebook post that was saying some good stuff. I mean some really thought provoking stuff but it's hard to read some of what could be a powerful post for the language. It's also challenging to engage in what could be stimulating conversations when every other word is an F-bomb.
I wouldn't miss the message for the madness but it would be great if the madness weren't so in yo face-ish.

Profanity isn't the worst thing in the world, we've got plenty of other things to attend to for sure. I mean we don't wrestle against flesh and blood so for many profanity is a "little thing" and no big deal. Ephesians 6:12

I've been a square and a nerd all my life--on purpose.  Yes, I learned a word a day and didn't/don't use profanity. I have no use for it. It doesn't get my point across. It doesn't empower me or make me appear strong. It doesn't make me look professional.  On the contrary I find profanity to be something many do when they are at a weak point. I also think they may not realize that they're at a weak point.  After all, you don't go the office and curse the clients out OR let out a big fat F-bomb during sunday sermon. It's controllable right?

So when I hear/read it,  I feel compassion for the person using it because they are diminishing their own voice and presence in an effort to project. A message of substance will stand on it's own... it does not need profanity to have merit.

Think about it; people (believers and non-believers) crank it up when impaired by drugs, intoxicated, angry, trying to impress, trying to get attention, trying to look like something they aren't or even just trying to get a laugh out of someone. None of these demonstrate strength....If using profanity is the only way the person knows how to achieve these goals or the only resource they have in their toolkit to achieve these goals they're in trouble anyway.

Some say they use it because they're grown, that's an interesting thought since the use of it often makes them sound like a child with a limited vocabulary. Many sound like a child who has just discovered profanity. It's new, exciting... they can fuss and cuss. They feel powerful. They're fitting in. Everybody does it so why not? Yeah, why not? Why shouldn't grown (by grown I mean mature, responsible, professional) men and woman go around life letting it fly?

There was a figurative saying "wash your mouth out with soap" but  soap won't clean our mouths because what's in our mouths is what's  coming from our hearts.