Do you know what they said to me!

Often we live life from the perspective of not having choices yet every day we make choices. This becomes especially important when it comes to what we take into us. The things we let inside us whether it be spoken words or tangible things.

We have a choice regarding what we believe and what we allow to replay in our heads and become our perception of reality. Do you know when someone says something that’s not nice about you or to you that you don’t have to believe it? Did you know that? You don’t have to allow that in your spirit, it’s your choice.

I’m encountering many adults struggling with what was said to or about them in their childhood some are in their 20’s, 30, 40”s, 50”s and 60’s or older. It is not God’s best for us to ruminate and allow ourselves to be held captive. I said allow because as children we can’t often help ourselves but as adult it is our responsibility to help ourselves and be open to the delivering power Christ offers for his sons and daughters.

When you are a child it is something you may not have the knowledge or coping skills to do, parents are responsible for helping their children cope. When it’s the parent that is inflicting the pain it leaves the child alone to learn to cope on their own.  Imagine that same child as an adult, it’s now that they must learn cope. It’s not only their responsibility but it is their right to be free from childhood pain.
Do you know who is free in life? The one that’s been set free by the Son, that’s who is free.

Sure, they’ll have to figure it out for themselves but they MUST figure it out or risk being that 70 year old person that is still in bondage to what someone said when they were a six year old child.

You can be put down and not go down. Going down is a choice.

You may be thinking wow, this sounds hard after all we’re only human.

We’re all human. We all hurt. We all feel.  We’re all at different points  in our faith journey. And there is likely not a human alive that has never had anything negative said to or about them, even babies have negative things said to or about them in the womb and out of the womb.

It’s a hard truth but it is truth nonetheless. God is not denying deliverance to those who want to be delivered.  I often hear the heart of a person through their response when you say that God can do it they say “But you don’t know what they said or did to me”.

This is an overflow of a heart (out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks) that doesn’t want to move forward-at least not yet.  It’s justification. And it impacts everything by deceiving the person into thinking they have a right to be in bondage to what was said or done.

My encouragement to us all is receive the gift. What gift? The gift of God that brings his delivering power to break strongholds, to set minds free, to heal bodies, to give us a restful sleep. The gift that gives us peace when the storms of life are raging, that gift. Receive it.

We do not have a right to stay bound.
How can we when we are not our own?
How can we when we’ve been bought with a price.

I don't know what they said to you, I do know the Lord wants us all healed spirit, soul and body.