Part 1: Did You Really Learn It?

This may seem elementary and of common knowledge but there seems to be a misconception taking hold of the people of God to sit under practical and spiritual teaching and instruction and not be able to apply what they say they are  learning or have learned.

When I was little my mother would call me into the kitchen, tell me to pull up a chair and observe her cooking a specific dish and then she'd say "because the next time this is made in our house you'll be making it!" That meant
1) pay attention
2) ask questions
3) be ready to demonstrate what you've learned.

There was an expectation that I could apply what I learned even if I didn't do it just like her .... There was an expectation that I would try.

I was sharing with a family member about how the disciples walked with Jesus yet the time  came for them to demonstrate what they had learned and they couldn't do it.... At least they tried. Jesus told them the reason it wasn't working for them was because that kind only came out by prayer and fasting  (Matthew 17:21)... So again he taught them that a key ingredient was missing from their recipe--- in that case it was fasting and a different measure of anointing which can come with fasting.

The thought leads me to a question, if you can't demonstrate it did you really learn it?

It was different for the disciples; they tried which indicated they learned something. But what happens when we are told to pull up a chair and get it so we can in turn do it BUT when the time comes to do it; we can't. I didn't say we know how and won't but we can't ... that leaves me to wonder if we learned it.

When my mother said pull up a chair her intent was to teach me something I could duplicate. When Jesus spent time with the disciples teaching he had the same expectation, he expected that they would be able to go into the highways and hedges and duplicate what they were taught.

Pastors, teachers, mentors and everyone that teaches us are not doing so so that we can say we know it and not be able to demonstrate it. If God affords us opportunities to learn we should
1) pay attention
2) ask questions and
3) be ready to demonstrate what we've learned.

If we can't demonstrate it, we haven't learned it. But we should at least try.
Though I'm using the same recipe my  mother used my cornbread still doesn't come out of the oven the way hers did.  She has stood over me in the kitchen gently guiding me because I complained that my cornbread wasn't like hers...same ingredients, same technique...different cornbread.  Don't misunderstand me; my cornbread is good but I like hers better.

The truth of the matter is  that my bread doesn't have to be like hers. She taught me, I learned.  I can apply what I learned.

The intelligence the Lord deposited in us extends far beyond absorbing and acquiring data and information, he wants us to do something with that information--like apply it. Perform it. Demonstrate it.

**Intelligence is the ability to ACQUIRE and APPLY knowledge. Acquiring knowledge and not applying it is NOT intelligence. **

Just ThinkingOutLoud XoXo