Can You Handle It?

As we have been moving forward with our Empowerment Series God never ceases to bless me. I get blessed seeing others be blessed and set free. Don’t misunderstand, I definateley want all that God has for me. The blessings of the Lord are Yes and Amen in my life, how about you?

It is a wonderful thing to see growth, change and repositioning take place in the lives of those you are ministering to, to see them embrace their call and enter into God’s rest and peace. In a time when the world system faces economic uncertainty ‘the church’ is experiencing an outpouring of God that brings peace that passes all understanding. The Glory of the Lord is visiting us but I wonder, can we handle the Glory? Peace comes with the rain of his glory, it’s a built in benefit for believers but it’s a benefit that many belivers cannot handle.

This is not a prophetic word crying peace in a time when there is no peace nor one that speaks doom and gloom ….this is a word heralding peace for those that are able to be enveloped by it in a season of natural and spiritual shaking. Some believers are refusing to position themselves so that can enter into God’s rest. Hopefully, you aren’t one of those believers.

Our world, our country, our state, our town, our cities, municipalities, even our homes are facing the wrath of God ….

BUT if God’s people that are called by His name would turn from their wicked ways…...and we’ll stop there. Let’s not go any further, first things first. Let’s keep the main thing the main thing. Are you called by His name? Are you “the called” according to his purpose? Have you checked yourself for any wicked ways? We don’t let to hear this but we all have them…..

No, I’m not suggesting constant sin introspection. But merely being real with yourself about your issues. And not parking in self-examination to the point where it becomes an excuse for not moving in sync with God. Everyone has issues but not everyone seeks to let Jesus do something about them…..getting free of our oppression is a taboo, off-limits, don’t talk about it subject.

It’s not enough to spend time allowing the Holy Spirit to shine the light of truth on your issues and then not allow him to deliver you and set you free. I’m not suggesting that liberty will come overnight but I am stating that if you submit your issue to God he promised to care for you.

Prophetically speaking, there is a shift and you don’t have to be a believer to know that the shift is taking place. Everyone and everything is being shaken. God is plucking up and pulling down himself! We must always remember that warning comes before destruction; I’m not prophesying doom and gloom I’m restating what God’s word has already stated, I’m speaking the oracles of God.

The Body of Christ spends a great deal of time preaching the favor and blessings of God; citing that they are too blessed to be stressed . But it’s just not truth;Christians are more stressed than ever. While the message is echoing in the pulpit the Christian divorce rate is soaring, the poverty mentality is previaling in the lives of believers and purposes of God in the earth are being neglected as many sit in church Sunday after Sunday—-To Blessed To Be Stressed?

Yes, there is an outpouring of God’s glory taking place, but can you handle the weight of his glory? Discern the times.