Big Ole But!

I know the title probably got lots of sneers but we’re talking about that big ole But that gets in the way of God performing signs, wonders and miracles in our lives. Not to mention the fact that he can’t operate in our lives to give us daily blessings. Simple things like helping us get our houses in order, getting out of debt and bringing deliverance to us so we can be whole in our Christian walk. Why? It’s because of the big ole ‘buts’.

The buts I’m talking about are elevated above God’s word, they contradict it and make it powerless in the speakers lives. These buts cause you to pray for an answer BUT take up residence in double-mindedness. They cause you to consistently pray prayers that you don’t believe. No, I’m not talking about calling those things that be not as though they were as the Lord did when he made Abraham the father of many nations in Romans 4:16-17. That’s a faith level not a name it and claim it level!

The big ole buts I am referring to cause us to speak boldly what God is going to do in blessings others BUT tremble with fear when it comes to speaking God’s word into our own lives. It’s the old” He did it for them BUT I’m not so sure he’ll do it for me” attitude.

BUT when this happens you get nothing, absolutely nothing! In fact, you get tossd around like the waves of the sea, all because of that big ole BUT. (James 1:5-8)

The only way to cure the “big but syndrome” is to diet, stripping off any and everything you eat spiritually that that adds wait to you believing God’s word and taking it at face value! Among other things your diet should consist of trimming back the fat; F=failure to, A=accept, T=truth.

After all, that’s what a ‘BUT’ is, it’s failure to accept God’s truth about ourselves and our situations.